In royal drama in a different country than everyone is used to and also not the tiny little country wither, two royals are sleeping not only in separate bedrooms but in separate residences.

Guess there was something to the whole cheating thing.

King Frederik X

Queen Mary of Denmark

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Queen Margrethe’s abdication, according to royal expert Kenth G. Madsen, was a strategic move aimed at saving the marriage of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary amidst rumors of infidelity. Madsen suggests that Margrethe had no choice but to intervene before the situation worsened, shifting the focus away from the alleged affair and granting Mary the rare status of queen. The expert highlights the potential damage to the royal house if the scandal had escalated further. Rumors of Frederik’s affair with Genoveva Casanova surfaced in November, sparking speculation and media attention.

King Frederik's alleged mistress Genoveva Casanova

King Frederik’s alleged mistress Genoveva Casanova

Last year, Spanish publication Lecturas alleged that Frederik engaged in infidelity with Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova during a solo trip to Spain. According to the magazine, Frederik and Genoveva were seen together at a Pablo Picasso exhibition in Madrid. They reportedly entered her apartment building separately but left together two hours later, eventually departing in the same car. The next morning, Frederik flew back to Denmark.

March 2024 – King Frederik X and Queen Mary of Denmark showcased a united front at a palace dinner, as they hosted representatives from the Armed Forces, the Air Force, and the Emergency Management Board.

The couple appeared in high spirits, smiling for Instagram snapshots from the event at Amalienborg.

The dinner marked the establishment of the badge of honor of the Armed Forces and the Air Force by Frederik IX on his birthday in 1953. Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, the couple’s appearance contrasted with recent rumors of an affair involving Frederik X and Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova.

Casanova, who had been the subject of malicious rumors regarding an alleged affair with the king, recently broke her silence on Instagram, expressing gratitude for the support she received during a difficult year. She is set to appear on a Spanish reality TV show, with friends noting her need for respite from media pressures.

Meanwhile, the royal couple announced upcoming royal tours to Sweden, Norway, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands, reaffirming their commitment to strengthening ties with neighboring monarchies.

Their travel plans include visits aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, highlighting the couple’s passion for sailing.

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