3 blinds in a row: Dec 26, 2022

3 blinds in a row: I wonder if there is video of her from the same time / nearly died of an overdose / she could get her child back to the point of unsupervised visitation

3 blinds in a row

The sibling wasn't directly mentioned, but that was the reason. / It was not an immediate no. / It isn't even his baby

How is that vindication?

This serial woman beater/s.e.x. assault enabler who used to be an A list singer wants everyone to defend him because the district attorney declined to press charges. Umm, that is because you gave the woman $25K and she refused to cooperate with the police. How is that vindication?

Zero chance now

After her comments this weekend supporting a serial woman beater/s.e.x. assault enabler, this one named A lister saw her chances to hang out with this A+ list mostly movie actor plummet to zero.