27 May, 2022

3 blinds in a row

The sibling wasn't directly mentioned, but that was the reason. / It was not an immediate no. / It isn't even his baby

15 Oct, 2021

How is that vindication?

This serial woman beater/s.e.x. assault enabler who used to be an A list singer wants everyone to defend him because the district attorney declined to press charges. Umm, that is because you gave the woman $25K and she refused to cooperate with the police. How is that vindication?

7 Oct, 2021

Zero chance now

After her comments this weekend supporting a serial woman beater/s.e.x. assault enabler, this one named A lister saw her chances to hang out with this A+ list mostly movie actor plummet to zero.

19 Oct, 2020

They are way beyond anything the mogul does.

Considering she lasted about three days with the fe.tishes of the A list mogul/wannabe rapper, I'm not sure she will last much longer with the former A+ list singer/serial woman beater. His fet.ishes are way beyond anything the mogul does.

14 May, 2020

The police know.

Apparently this serial woman beater doesn't think anyone is noticing the amount of drugs being consumed by people at his home that this A- list singer buys and then often sells to his guests. The police know. Look for the singer to be hauled in on that in addition to another assault complaint by a woman.

24 Oct, 2019

Now, they are going to be fired.

Apparently the PR team of this foreign born one named permanent A list singer/mogul didn't get the memo to not play the music of the woman abusing ex on our singer's social media account. Now, they are going to be fired.

4 Oct, 2019

She doesn’t want to make that official quite yet.

This actress/model/former beating victim of the A list singer apparently caught her current boyfriend/former athlete doing what he does best, which is cheating, and he is out the door. She doesn't want to make that official quite yet. Why not? It will happen again.