This serial woman beater/s.e.x. assault enabler who used to be an A list singer wants everyone to defend him because the district attorney declined to press charges.

Umm, that is because you gave the woman $25K and she refused to cooperate with the police.

How is that vindication?

Chris Brown

Chris Brown No Charges in Battery Case

Chris Brown will NOT be prosecuted in his battery case … ’cause TMZ’s learned the prosecutors are rejecting the whole matter.

According to the L.A. City Attorney’s Office … they’ve declined to move forward with charges due to insufficient evidence against Chris. As we reported, Brown was listed as the suspect after the alleged victim told cops he smacked the back of her head so violently her weave came off.

Our law enforcement sources told us cops responded to CB’s San Fernando Valley home in June and cops took a battery report, naming Chris as the suspect. – Source

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