When times were really tough a decade ago, this former A list singer/serial woman beater/drug abuser signed away lots of his royalty rights.

It is why he is always broke.

Chris Brown

Houston Businesswoman Threatens Legal Action Against Chris Brown After He Cancels $1 Million Charity Concert

A Houston businesswoman is prepared to take legal action against Chris Brown over a cancelled charity event.

LeJuan Bailey, the owner of DML Real Estate Investors and Construction, organized the “One Night Only Benefit Concert” to raise money for victims who had their homes destroyed in hurricanes throughout Texas and Louisiana.

Working alongside fellow community activists, Bailey explained that she reached out to Brown’s camp and asked if the “Run It” singer would be willing to help their cause by performing a benefit concert, according to Click 2 Houston. Once they agreed, she sent them a deposit and took care of their travel costs.

The event was originally set to take place in November, but they were forced to reschedule it due to what she called “Travis Scott’s problem,” likely referring to the Astroworld tragedy which took place at NRG Park in Houston, Tex. on November 5, 2021.

The group pushed the date back to March 19, 2022, and according to Bailey, there wasn’t an issue until mere hour before the concert when Brown’s camp abruptly cancelled on them during soundcheck. The businesswoman was left with a hefty bill, totaling to at least $1.1 million, and a lot of confusion. Even more tragic, it also left all of the people who had been promised they would receive assistance in rebuilding their homes with nothing.

Bailey claimed she’s repeatedly reached out to the singer and his team for a refund, but no action has been taken to resolve the situation. – Source

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