This foreign born A- list three named actress had a lot of words, but didn’t deny she was s.e.x.u.a.l..l.y assaulted by the TikTok star while she was underage.

She and her family don’t want to open a huge can of worms by doing anything about it though.

It would also bring questions about what is going on with her younger sister.

Millie Bobby Brown

Hunter Ecimovic

Millie Bobby Brown Admitted She Felt “Vulnerable” During Her “Unhealthy Situation” With TikToker Hunter Ecimovic A Year After He Claimed He “Groomed” Her When She Was 16

Last year, Hunter claimed that he’d “groomed” then-16-year-old Millie when he was 20, before making a series of crude remarks about their alleged relationship during an Instagram Live.

Millie Bobby Brown has shed some light on her past alleged relationship with TikToker Hunter Ecimovic, known as Hunter Echo.

Mille was 16 when she and Hunter, then 20, were rumored to be dating. Though they never explicitly confirmed that they were in a relationship, speculation arose after the pair were seen kissing and embracing in a series of photos that surfaced across social media, which had reportedly been taken in 2020.

Given that the legal age of consent in California — where Hunter is reportedly based — is 18, the TikToker’s alleged relationship with Millie sparked severe backlash online. – Source

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