This A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner has decided to permanently take off her weeding ring.

Apparently a decade of being dismissed as irrelevant by her husband was finally enough for her.

Natalie Portman

Benjamin Millepied

When Natalie Portman graced the premiere of her Netflix film “May December” on Thursday, November 16, all eyes were drawn to her noticeably bare ring finger. This public appearance in Los Angeles followed several months of speculation surrounding her husband Benjamin Millepied’s reported affair.

The news of Millepied’s infidelity emerged less than six months ago, centering on his alleged involvement with climate activist Camille Etienne, who was 25 at the time of the reported tryst.

The two supposedly crossed paths through “mutual friends” within a close-knit circle in the film community, known for prioritizing art and creativity over blockbuster success. Their professional collaboration extended to their work on the film Carmen.

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