This permanent A list singer/actress said she would never perform live again but she is in discussions to do a one night only special which would be released as a movie.

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand, at 81, takes a stroll down memory lane in a BBC Breakfast interview, expressing regret over the scarcity of fun in her six-decade entertainment career. As she gears up for her memoir release, the iconic singer and actor vows to compensate for the years she missed out on personal and professional joy.

“I want to live life,” she told the BBC’s music correspondent Mark Savage. “I haven’t had much fun in my life, to tell you the truth. And I want to have more fun.”

Streisand has a new plan—ditching the formalities and opting to hop into her husband’s truck for some spontaneous wandering.

“Hopefully with the children somewhere near us,” she said. “Life is fun for me when they come over. They love playing with the dogs and we have fun.”

In her upcoming autobiography, “My Name Is Barbra,” spanning a hefty 992 pages, the singer delves into her life and career, treating readers to an encyclopedic chronicle not only of her experiences but also a detailed account of the diverse meals she has savored over the years.

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