A couple of months ago, I said this former singer/host/reality star needed rehab.

Things have only become worse.

Tamar Braxton

Chrisean Rock fires back at Tamar Braxton following the R&B diva’s suggestion for “Coke Head” Tommie Lee to “go sell a** for a hit.”

As previously noted, the GRAMMY-nominated singer finally spoke out on Monday (November 13) addressing allegations that Chrisean Rock assaulted her longtime friend and backup singer James Wright Chanel during a Los Angeles concert on Friday (November 10), resulting in his hospitalization and inability to perform.

Chaos erupted when Tommie aired her grievances on social media, claiming that Tamar was leveraging the attention from Chanel and Rock’s altercation for her own fame.

Upon learning of Lee’s remarks, the ‘Love & War’ hitmaker, aged 46, retaliated with a blistering verbal assault, as documented by our friends at TNT.

“So now y’all want me to address out of work reality stars? Never,” Braxton started. “Me and my ‘muppet’ employed a** will keep you on the list if I need a none-fighting coke head for $2500 an episode for one of these shows of mine I’m casting for. We not the same Go sell some a** for your next hit.”

Yikes! As if the jab about drug addiction wasn’t plenty, Tamar kept it going.

“If you on cocaine and your name starts with a T and [you] never even sold out a bag of blow pops… Stay silent. God bless y’all,” she relayed on her Instagram story.

Later Monday night, the ‘All the Way Home’ singer brought her rant home by saying she was tired of all the drama.

“I’m tired y’all. I don’t know about this pt2 tour. We are all hurting and if I didn’t say anything I’m wrong. I said something & I’m lying. I’m tired. Meanwhile James is at the dentist getting new teeth. Y’all leave me alone. I was only trying to show  love. I still think she needs hugs and real people,” she told her 1.7 million followers on Twitter.

Evidently, Rock doesn’t see eye to eye with Tamar on this one.

After a short break from social media over the weekend, the embattled reality star-rapper made a comeback to refute Braxton’s assertion that she was pursuing “justice for James” in response to the reported assault.

“Suck my d-ck,” she said. “Go ahead and try to press charges that you can’t press.”

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