The Rules:

You can always tell when you go to this particular award show, who has been made aware of the rules and who has not.

Or, if they have been made aware of the rules, but chose to break them anyway.

This is an award show which takes place overseas.

It is also a show that for many many years has a no date policy for the attendees.

The men at the show generally get together the night before the show and have a huge dinner at a closed restaurant.

Generally about 50-75 of the attendees will show up to the dinner.

The night of the show, after it is over, it is a tradition to go back to a rented castle where dozens of D list female celebrities and models will be waiting and everyone parties until dawn. The award show has had different names over the year, but it is the same show in the same place at the same time of year.

The tradition started about a dozen years ago when some of the guys showed up to town early and decided to have dinner.

This Oscar winner was the one who suggested the dinner.

Then, the next night after the show he suggested they go party at club in the hotel where he was staying.

Things started off great, but then this foreign born three named actress showed up because she heard about the party and it put a damper on it.

The next year, our actor tried again and with the help of this permanent A list soccer player, the castle idea was born.

It was also suggested to all the attendees to never bring a date and for the most part, that has held true the past dozen years.

Ballon d’Or

Paris, France

David Beckham

Messi scores an unprecedented eighth Ballon d’Or, claiming the title of the world’s best player.

The Argentine captain outshines Manchester City’s Erling Haaland, the UEFA player of the year and treble winner from Norway. Messi’s pivotal role in securing Argentina’s first World Cup title in 36 years, with a victory over defending champions France, cements his football legacy.

At 36, Messi extends his lead with three more Ballons d’Or than rival Cristiano Ronaldo, marking a remarkable 14 appearances in the top three, with five runner-up finishes.

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