This three named model/reality star is trying to sell a biography to raise some money for herself.

In the biography she is going to claim that the man she ultimately ended up marrying, started sleeping with her when she was just 15.

She also has said in the past that her roommate, this permanent A list model/producer/reality star also slept with the man at a young age.

Kimora Lee Simmons

Russell Simmons

Tyra Banks

Kimora’s world

At 13 she was a St Louis mall rat, at 14 she was the new face of Chanel. Now, she’s pocketed $20m from the sale of just one of her clothing lines and is one half of New York’s hottest power couple. Phoebe Eaton charts the shameless, breathless, glorious rise of Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora was 17 when Russell Simmons, who grew up in Queens, spotted her on the catwalk. Russell’s girlfriends looked like they’d stepped out of a cigarette ad – ‘But with Def Jam’s success, he got a crack at a different grade of model,’ says a hip-hop executive who’s known him for years. ‘In Russell’s mind, he’s always trading up.’ Russell sent ridiculous flowers to Kimora’s agency, so heavy that two men were required to move them. ‘I thought that was major,’ Kimora remembers. ‘I told Tyra.’ Banks replied: ‘I can imagine what they look like, because he sent me some, too.’ Tyra told Kimora to get rid of him.

Kimora’s bookings would soon fall off – people complained she was a brat – but Russell’s interest did not flag. ‘I was kind of more on his level,’ says Kimora. They were on and off for years. ‘He was a playboy, and I am a bit crazy because of it today,’ says Kimora. She eventually fled to Milan to escape the insanity. After a year, Russell begged Kimora’s mother for her phone number. Yoga and veganism had chased away the partying and the other women. Kimora moved into Russell’s house in Beverly Hills and took courses at UCLA. According to friends, Russell is happier and more stable since Kimora arrived in his life for good. ‘Kimora’s very flamboyant and Russell tries not to be,’ says Donald Trump, ‘but in many respects, they’re the same.’ – Source

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