16 04, 2022

She only did it for the money anyway.

This permanent A list model who is also a producer/creator and television host, knows she is going to lose her most recent high profile television gig. She doesn't care though because the payout will be in the tens of millions of dollars. She only did it for the money anyway.

31 03, 2022

The new executive producer won’t let her do what she has been doing.

The question for this permanent A list model/host of multiple reality shows, is whether she wants to work at a place where she might actually have to work to earn her eight figure salary. The new executive producer won't let her do what she has been doing. She knows if they fire her though, there will be a big check coming her way and a lot of backlash headed theirs. She will probably roll the dice and continue to do nothing but show up for the show.

1 11, 2021

It is true the model cheated

This foreign born permanent A list model/host/producer often gets the blame for the demise of her marriage to this one named foreign born singer. It is true the model cheated, but it is also true the singer was also cheating with this permanent A list model/producer/bad host and another person overseas.

1 02, 2021

The reason the employee was fired?

This permanent A list model/host/producer fired an employee last week and sent a mass email to friends and colleagues for no one to hire the employee because they were not trustworthy. The reason the employee was fired? The A lister's significant other admired what the employee wore to work that day.

9 12, 2020

She walked away with tens of millions of dollars from her MLM scam

Maybe because there are so many celebrity makeup brands, no one still talks about this permanent A list model turned show creator/network reality host and how she walked away with tens of millions of dollars from her MLM scam while leaving all her followers poor and desperate to sell off their remaining supplies. One of those followers has tried to recreate the MLM scam using all the extra supplies and has been pretty successful in their scam.

8 10, 2020

Once again she screws up.

Once again, this permanent A list model/host/producer knows she can't be fired and knows she can suck every week, so doesn't really care when she screws up.

5 03, 2020

2 blinds in a row

This permanent A++ list celebrity is calling in a lot of favors from those she has helped over the years. The celebrity is calling on them to trash anyone who says anything bad about the A++ lister. You need to show your loyalty. Not in a John Wick kind of way, but still. / This permanent A list model/host has very little of her real hair left after some really bad chemical reactions to her hair over the past year.