One of the members of the two color group has way too much stuff she can be blackmailed for by her bosses, so you know she is going to extend her contract.



YG Entertainment Provides Update on BLACKPINK Contract Renewals

In a recent statement to South Korean media, including Sports Chosun, YG Entertainment confirmed that negotiations for the contract renewal with BLACKPINK are still in progress. The company expressed that they are “still negotiating with the artists regarding their exclusive contracts.”

While no specific details were disclosed, YG Entertainment mentioned that the outcome of the negotiations would be announced through a document concerning major management issues and investments. The publication date for this report is yet to be revealed.

Negotiations concerning the renewal of BLACKPINK’s contracts began in July, with the contracts initially set to expire in August. Speculation arose when reports suggested that Lisa might not renew her contract.

The report also indicated that negotiations for the remaining three members—Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé—were proceeding smoothly at that time.

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