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That Is A Big Payday
October 24, 2020
External affairs
October 24, 2020

She is dead broke

This former singer/Playboy model/reality star from a very very famous family is dead broke and lives off handouts from the more wealthy people in the family.

This former singer/Playboy model/reality star from a very very famous family is dead broke and lives off handouts from the more wealthy people in the family.

La Toya Jackson

Why you don’t hear from La Toya Jackson anymore

The Jackson family turned on La Toya

The downfall of La Toya Jackson arguably began in 1991, when the singer-actress released her controversial memoir, Growing Up in the Jackson Family. It was full of salacious, scandalous, and deeply unsettling details about her famous relatives, particularly her father, Joe Jackson, whom she alleged was extremely abusive.

Claiming that the Jackson family patriarch was so violent that eldest sibling Rebbie left home at the age of 16 — after police interventions and pleading with their mother, Katherine, proved ineffective — La Toya alleged that her father’s abuse toward her escalated after the family moved from Indiana to California. “He only se.xually abused me once in California,” La Toya wrote (via the Associated Press). “But he still kept up a lot of verbal abuse toward me.” At the time, both Joe and Katherine Jackson denied La Toya’s claims. The fallout and familial distance stemming from the release of Growing Up in the Jackson Family left La Toya tainted by scandal and estranged from her more popular and influential siblings.

Fortunately, La Toya later reconciled with the rest of the Jackson clan, claiming during a 2003 Larry King Live interview that her father had since apologized. “It’s so important to forgive and move forward, because that’s negativity and it’s toxic to the body and to the mind,” she said (via CNN). “So once you’re over that, you feel pure and you’re positive and you can move on with your life, with positive things.”

She spoke out against brother Michael Jackson amid his legal troubles

In the summer of 1993, the Associated Press obtained legal documents detailing a 13-year-old boy’s allegations against Michael Jackson, claiming that the singer had abused him and forced him into certain acts of a se.xual nature. The King of Pop’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, called the allegations “totally false,” while Jackson delivered a statement on live television (from his Neverland Ranch) similarly denying any wrongdoing.

As plenty of Jackson defenders stepped forward, his sister, La Toya Jackson, was first in line to … affirm those allegations of horrible misdeeds. La Toya called off her vacation to Israel that December, and instead called a press conference. “I cannot and will not be a silent collaborator of his crimes against small, innocent children,” she said (via Jezebel). “And if I remain silent, that means I feel the guilt and humiliation that these children are hearing, and I think it’s very wrong.”

Her shady manager-turned-husband made some bad career decisions

In the late ’80s, La Toya Jackson got a new manager: Jack Gordon, a businessman with a background in casinos who once spent six months in prison for bribing a gaming official. The two were married from 1989 to 1998, according to People, but the singer later shared disturbing allegations about their personal and professional relationship — including claims of physical abuse at the hand of Gordon — during a 2013 episode of Life with La Toya (via HuffPost).- Read more here

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