The pasta track on the new record with new skips, continues a long standing tradition of the permanent A list singer to steal from others or not give them credit or strong them out of credits.

It is why the AOTY will always be tough.

Right now, her team is scrambling to make a Brazilian DJ happy before it goes widespread.

Cowboy Carter

Dedé Mandrake

AOTY: Album of the Year

She repeats this pattern with every album release.

I think she does it for extra publicity (as if she needs it) and pays these people under the table.

Beyoncé Fans Confused Over Five Missing Tracks on ‘Cowboy Carter’ Vinyl, Fueling Theories About Last-Minute Changes

Throughout the weekend, fans have been complaining online that their “Cowboy Carter” vinyls were missing the songs “Spaghettii,” “Flamenco,” “The Linda Martell Show,” “Ya Ya” and “Oh Louisiana.” On the CD, “Flamenco” was included but the other four were not. Some pointed out that Beyoncé‘s e-commerce store promised an “additional song” on the CD version of the album, but no additional track was included on the disc; fans think that “Flamenco” may just be that “additional song.” – Source

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