This former Bachelorette is being tracked by her ex wherever she goes so he can try and publicly embarrass her.

Rachel Lindsay

Bryan Abasolo

Rachel Lindsay, from Bachelor Nation and a podcaster, shared insights into her divorce from Bryan Abasolo, winner of her season on “The Bachelorette” in 2017, during an appearance on “Hidden Gems With Natasha Parker.” Lindsay admitted that she initially wanted a prenuptial agreement with Abasolo but ultimately didn’t pursue it due to disagreements between them.

She said that while they had discussed the possibility of a prenup, they couldn’t reach a consensus, and to avoid exacerbating the issue, they decided not to have one. Lindsay expressed regret over this decision, acknowledging that in hindsight, she would have opted for a prenup. Despite her legal background as a lawyer, Lindsay found herself in a different mental and financial state at the beginning of her marriage compared to where she is now.

In December, Abasolo filed for divorce, requesting spousal support and $75,000 to cover his legal expenses. Lindsay noted that many people were surprised by her decision not to pursue a prenup, given her legal background.

She emphasized the necessity of prenuptial agreements, especially in cases where individuals are dissolving marriages and find themselves in different circumstances than when they were married. Lindsay cautioned against signing any prenup document without ensuring it adequately protects one’s interests and reflects the needs of both parties involved.

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