It is certainly a choice for this one named permanent A list singer to be dating a man who shot a woman.

She has dated many violent men in her past.

Maybe it is her thing.


Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez & Madonna Get Close At Gervonta Davis Fight

Madonna and Tory Lanez used to be on bizarre terms. This is because Tory sampled Madonna on his song “Pluto’s Last Comet,” and he reportedly did so without her permission. She called Tory out on Instagram in a very public manner, however, the story didn’t go much further.

Now, it seems as though the two were able to resolve things fairly amicably. We say this because Tory and Madonna were spotted sitting with each other at Gervonta Davis’ fight over the weekend. In fact, the two seemed pretty close to one another and they were definitely having a great time, especially with Davis taking the fight via sixth round knockout.

Prior to the fight, Madonna and Tory were spotted backstage and it led to a quick question about the nature of the fight itself. As you can see down below, Tory was adamant that Davis would end up winning in just five rounds although he definitely gave a wishy-washy answer. Madonna acted in a chummy manner following this answer as she nudged at Tory with her big fan. Needless to say, it is clear that they were each other’s date. – Source

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