With all the money she has and has access to, you would think this former A- list actress who spends most of her time behind the scenes now, could get some better work done to her face.

Did she get a Groupon?

Eva Longoria


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Eva Longoria Wore a $40 Gown to Her First Cannes in 2005: ‘Nobody Would’ve Known!’

Eva Longoria knows that you can look like a million bucks but spend less than $100 — even on one of the biggest red carpets around.

With this year’s Cannes Film Festival in full swing, the 47-year-old actress revealed to PEOPLE that the slinky gold knit gown she wore to her first festival in 2005 cost only $40.

“I was like, I’ll just wear this one, this knit gold, that feels right,” Longoria recalled of the moment she chose the dress 17 years ago. “Nobody would’ve known it was a $40 dress.”

Longoria, who was then a breakout star from Desperate Housewives, which premiered the year before, admitted she “had no idea what Cannes was” when she bought the dress from a store on Melrose Avenue. – Source

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