Reader Blind: The male British DJ who looks like the witch from Snow White was outed as a s e.x..ual predator who hunted minor girls of color in Britain.

Someone close to him says he is planning to take his operation to West African and Caribbean nations because he thinks it is easier to exploit children there.

The authorities have been informed and he will be exposed again.

Tim Westwood

Tim Westwood, a former BBC Radio 1 DJ, has been interviewed by police for the fourth time regarding s..e.x.ual misconduct allegations dating back to between 1982 and 2016.

Westwood has denied any wrongdoing in the past. The Metropolitan Police are investigating the allegations but did not name Westwood in their statement.

The BBC initiated an external inquiry in 2022 to investigate what the corporation knew about Westwood’s conduct during his tenure.

Last year, a joint investigation by the Guardian and BBC News revealed allegations of s e ..xual misconduct and predatory behavior against Westwood.

Westwood began his career on local radio before joining Capital Radio and later the BBC, where he worked for nearly 20 years.

He hosted a regular show on Capital Xtra before leaving the company in 2023.

Westwood’s representatives have previously stated his denial of all allegations and have been contacted for further comment.

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