This B+ list mostly television actress who is on a hit network show that saw its lead quit when she wouldn’t move, left her foreign born B- list mostly television actor husband.

Hey, divorces happen all the time.

Not blind worthy at all if left on its own.

However, our actress is divorcing her husband because she has agreed to beard for her ex-boyfriend. Yep, that A- list mostly movie actor , who is having issues with his male significant other, not to mention his other woman who did used to beard for him.

He thinks, and our actress agrees, that he needs to firm up his relationship status to the world and our actress is willing to do it.

They used to be a couple when he was confused and she has always loved him.

Always wanted him back so she is perfectly willing to beard just to be with him forever.

Jes Macallan
Husband: Jason Gray-Stanford
Ex-boyfriend: Jeremy Renner


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