This foreign born C list celebrity has been as high as B list in the US.

In her own country she has reached A list levels but not really in acting.

More of a celebrity even in her own country.

Sometime host.

Anyway, even though she was at or near the A list in her own country she often had problem paying her bills and her expenses far exceeded what she was bringing in because of her spending on clothes and also drugs.

So, like many barely making it in the business she turned to other ways to make money and became someone who would go to clubs and have sex with men for money and drugs. She started making several thousand dollars a night and her drug habit was taken care of most nights for free.

These were the kind of clubs where there was no question what was expected of the women there.

They were brought to the club to be companions for men in the club for a night or even longer.

The men who came to these clubs also knew what they were getting and walk the clubs looking for just the right woman to spend the night with and negotiate a price before sitting down to get to know each other better.

The owner of the club would then ask if coke or other drugs were needed and have those brought to the table.

This is exactly the club and the situation where our C lister met the A+ list mostly movie actor who made her famous.

He likes to find his women in less obvious places but was trying to secure some financing for a project and the person he was meeting also knew the actor was looking for someone new and long term and suggested the club would be the perfect place.

Our actor likes to pretend this period of his life didn’t exist because it has led to many complications that have caused his carefully crafted image to be dented.

Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney


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