18 11, 2020

She fears she would be dead within weeks.

This foreign born celebrity peaked about A- list. For years she has been trying to expose this A+ list mostly movie actor for what happened to this underage teen many years ago. It is harder to do it from here, but if she were to return to her home country where it happened, she fears she would be dead within weeks.

6 10, 2019

Information about the death has been traded.

Several years ago, right here in this same space, I shared a story about this permanent A list mostly movie actor who from time to time directs. Our actor was involved in the death and the cover up of said death of a minor who had been sexually assaulted. This happened outside the country and whatever investigations there have been have been half-hearted because law enforcement doesn't want to anger their high profile neighbor.

19 10, 2016

She spends a ton of her husband’s money to get herself invited to the events

For what feels like the millionth time, this foreign born celebrity turned host turned reality star turned celebrity who is more well known for who she has dated than any of the work she has done left her kid at home so she could hit multiple red carpets. She spends a ton of her husband’s money to get herself invited to the events because she loves fame. Loves it more than anything.

28 01, 2014

Our actor likes to pretend this period of his life didn’t exist

This foreign born C list celebrity has been as high as B list in the US. In her own country she has reached A list levels but not really in acting. More of a celebrity even in her own country. Sometime host. Anyway, even though she was at or near the A list in her own country she often had problem paying her bills and her expenses far exceeded what she was bringing in because of her spending on clothes and also drugs. So, like many barely making it in the business she turned to other ways to make money and became someone who would go to clubs and have sex with men for money and drugs.