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There have never been any pedophile or metoo type accusations against this closeted actor either during his life or in the years since he passed away.

However, among his belongings after his death was found a large collection of child p*rnography featuring little boys – both photos and reel to reel film. This actor’s career spanned the studio system as well as its end and to starting off as a child actor to being a male lead to becoming a character actor and appearing on TV.

He also held elective office in a very powerful actors group.

This has nothing to do with his arrest by the FBI in the 1970’s.


Roddy McDowall

He is best known for portraying Cornelius and Caesar in the original Planet of the Apes film series

When Roddy McDowall Was Busted by the FBI for Pirating Films

In a report dated July 22, 1975, the Federal Bureau of Investigation recorded the details behind one of the biggest raids of a pirated movie collection in the agency’s history. The previous December, agents had descended on an opulent home in North Hollywood and seized more than 160 film canisters and more than 1000 video cassettes from the garage, all unlawfully copied for use in private screenings. The Bureau estimated the collection to be worth more than $5 million.

After boxes of films were hauled out of the home and into FBI vehicles, the owner of the collection was interviewed. Rather than face serious charges, he agreed to inform investigators about how he acquired his library and who else he knew that might be in possession of similar goods.

The film Giant, starring James Dean, had been given to him by actor Rock Hudson; Arthur P. Jacobs, producer of the long-running Planet of the Apes film series, was another source. Other names were redacted in the FBI’s official document released to the public.

The source of this one-man analog pirate operation was Roddy McDowall, a former child star who gained notoriety for his portrayal of Cornelius and Caesar in the Apes franchise. And while his criminal record would remain clean, his willingness to out other celebrity movie collectors would come at considerable personal cost. – Source

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