This week I wrote about the A list celebrity you either love or hate and how she was thrown under the bus by the reality family.

Let us not forget that the celebrity once considered them to be trash and made that known publicly.

It was only after she realized she could make some money and get some bonus fame that she turned a 180.

Chrissy Teigen


The Harsh Kardashian Backlash That Forced Chrissy Teigen To Quit Twitter

As of today, we will no longer be a party to Chrissy Teigen’s legendary tweets.

The 35-year-old former model has announced she is leaving Twitter after spending over 10 years on the social media platform. In her time on the site, she amassed 13.7million followers.

It comes amidst recent backlash the mom-of-two received for collaborating with Kris Jenner on plant-based cleaning product line, Safely.

In the days leading up to her decision to delete her account, Teigen announced that she, Kris Jenner and businesswoman Emma Grede had teamed up to create a line of cleaning plant-based products.

“Years in the making – excited to finally announce the launch of @GETSAFELY with two absolute bosses, Emma Grede and @KrisJenner,” tweeted Teigen on Monday.

“Plant based with aromatherapy oils annnnnd it works. Could cry. Cannot wait to see this in your homes. (Really!!!)”

The response to her new venture was not received well on Twitter and she was criticized for her association with the Kardashian family.

“Love you but don’t like you getting involved with that family. Does not fit with your brand,” tweeted one disappointed fan, adding: “You are better than this. Sad to see this.”

“Highly doubt this was ‘years’ in the making. More like, let’s release a cleaning product just long enough after everyone forgot about hoarding hand sanitizer, so we don’t seem like we’re using the pandemic as a tool to profit from,” another tweet read.

“I love you so much, Ms. Teigen… but really? MORE products? More profit?” a tweet began. “You are a hero to me in SO many ways, so I say this I love! It just seems like the ever-widening chasm between those who have plenty and those who have nothing is exacerbated by this kind of venture.” – Source

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