This foreign born B list actor most known for playing a galactic crime lord in that massive space franchise still has not commented on the s.e.x tape he accidentally made public on his Instagram and which now can be found on Twitter if you look hard enough.

Ray Park

Darth Maul – Star Wars

Star Wars Fans Worried About Darth Maul’s Return After Ray Park’s Instagram Post – July 2020

Sometimes it’s just hard for us to understand the things celebrities say or do, and other times things just get very bizarre. And as is most common, one such situation recently popped up on social media and started trending for all the wrong reasons.

Actor Ray Park, who played Darth Maul in the Star Wars franchise, was reportedly set to reprise his role as the dual-saber wielding Dathomirian in future projects, but an unexpected Instagram post might just have irrevocably jeopardized the situation.

On Friday, a post went up on the actor’s Instagram page that seemingly showed Park engaging in sexual activities with his wife. The post has since been deleted, but some fans are wondering if his profile had been hacked and as of now, there’s been no statement from the actor himself. There’s even a rumor going around with some people claiming that this was an act of revenge, adding that it was in response to his wife allegedly cheating on him. – Source

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