This former A+ list athlete in his corner of the sports world turned grifter thinks that bailing on his job will make his most recent grift suddenly legal or moot.

It won’t.

Tito Ortiz

Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem

Tito Ortiz resigns from the Huntington Beach council after a rocky 6-month tenure

Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz announced his resignation from the City Council effective immediately Tuesday night, June 1, saying “character assassination” by the media and leaks from City Hall prompted the decision.

“This job isn’t working for me,” Ortiz said during the first in-person council meeting of the year.

Ortiz said he made the decision on behalf of his family. His two sons recently made national news when they were sent home from school after arriving without face masks, as required of all students and teachers at Ocean View School District schools.

In public appearances and on social media, Ortiz has repeatedly criticized masks as ineffective and dangerous, while referring to coronavirus safety measures as a conspiracy.

“As of recent, the attacks against me have moved into involving my family,” Ortiz said Tuesday, adding, “When my children’s safety becomes a matter, I’m a father and I’m going to protect my children.”

The MMA fighter and local celebrity was elected in November of 2020 with the biggest vote of all the candidates. But his tenure was rocky from the start, as some residents and officials at City Hall expressed frustration over his refusal to wear a mask at city events and his vocal stand against vaccinations. – Source

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