This A+/A list mostly movie actor insisted his new release play in big theatres. It was part of his deal.

The thing is though, it is an art house type movie and also not his normal fare.

Most showings had zero in attendance.

It is embarrassing, but he doesn’t care.

He got his movie in the big theatres and that is all that mattered.

Johnny Depp

Jeanne du Barry

Johnny Depp’s latest film, “Jeanne du Barry,” sparked online controversy over its theater performance.

Despite social media posts suggesting it was pulled due to poor sales, insiders clarified it was always intended for a limited release. The film, starring Depp and Maïwenn, portrays the life of Jeanne Bécu, mistress to Louis XV.

Box office returns for its limited run weren’t widely available, but some fans showed support for Depp by attending screenings.

Conflicting reports emerged regarding theater attendance, with some alleging dismal ticket sales while others disputed this, suggesting bias related to Depp’s legal battles with ex-wife Amber Heard. Despite the mixed feedback, Depp, reportedly focused on his health and well-being, remains enthusiastic about the film’s release, having embraced the challenge of performing entirely in French.

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