Her was actually gay, she walked in on her husband, he was in bed with their chauffeur. Still she went on to have three daughters with him.

Daisy Fellowes, heiress to the Singer sewing machine fortune, was as infamous for her scandalous lifestyle as she was famous for her impeccable style.

When Daisy was just six years old, her mother took her own life, leaving Daisy and her two brothers alone in the world. Their father just them shipped off to their aunt, Winnaretta Singer. Winnaretta was hardly a role model, she went through women like she went through wine, and Daisy grew up watching her raucous aunt seduce and then discard a series of famous lovers like … Virginia Woolf.

She got married with Jean, Prince de Broglie, just a few weeks after she turned 19. He was actually gay, she walked in on her husband, he was in bed with their chauffeur. Still she went on to have three daughters with him.

Daisy adopted one of the most extreme and controversial diet plans of the 20th century. She started with an early version of a keto diet combined with intermittent fasting, but eventually turned to various substances, notably a white powder, to maintain her exceptionally slender physique.

Born into wealth and privilege, Daisy was introduced to high society at a young age, quickly becoming a fixture in the elite circles of Europe and America.

A Life of Luxury and Scandal

Daisy’s early life set the stage for her later exploits. Married young to a French aristocrat, she quickly became known for her extravagant tastes and flamboyant personality. Her fashion choices were daring.


But Daisy’s life was not all about fashion and high society. She had a tumultuous personal life, marked by numerous affairs and a notorious attempt to seduce Winston Churchill.

When Winston Churchill graciously turned her down (had just gotten married), in couple months, she went and bagged Churchill’s own cousin, Reginald Fellowes. Within couple weeks she starting having extramarital affairs.

She was an early adopter of plastic surgery, she had multiple facelifts throughout her life.

Daisy’s jewelry collection was legendary, featuring pieces from the world’s most renowned jewelers.

Daisy Fellowes in 1936 wearing Cartier’s ‘Tutti Frutti’ necklace. Photographed by Cecil Beaton.

Daisy Fellowes in 1936 wearing Cartier’s ‘Tutti Frutti’ necklace. Photographed by Cecil Beaton. Source: Sothebys

Innovator of Shocking Pink

Daisy was the inspiration behind the famous Shocking Pink color, which became a symbol of vibrant, bold fashion. She owned a famous diamond, massive, bright pink 17.47-carat diamond called the “Tete de Belier”

Designer Elsa Schiaparelli described it as “shocking, pure and undiluted” color.So she dubbed “shocking pink” on the packaging of her new perfume which was also called “shocking”. It was a hit!

Later, that shade of pink would become iconic, adorning some of history’s most famous costumes, including the dress and gloves Marilyn Monroe wore in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” This was all thanks to Daisy Fellowes.

The Darker Side of Glamour

Daisy’s life was also marked by a darker side. She was known to partake in various substances, from morphine to cocaine, often shocking her contemporaries with her openness about her drug use. Her personal library included a collection of erotica, discussing which was one of her favorite pastimes, especially when it scandalized her guests.

Her relationships with her children were complicated. Daisy was known to overshadow her own daughters, even to the extent of stealing their boyfriends. This behavior only added to her notoriety, painting her as a figure who was as ruthless in her personal pursuits as she was in her public endeavors.

Fashion Icon and Social Fixture

Despite her personal controversies, Daisy was undeniably a fashion icon. Her influence on designers like Chanel and Schiaparelli helped shape the fashion of the 1930s. She was a muse and a patron, her style often cited as the epitome of chic. She wore her jewels and designer garments with a nonchalance that belied their extravagant cost and her tiny stature.

Daisy’s impact on the fashion world was matched by her social influence. She was a fixture at the most exclusive events, from the salons of Paris to the parties of the British aristocracy. Her presence at these gatherings was almost a guarantee of their success, her approval a coveted endorsement. On one of her many yacht trips, the future King Edward VIII happened to be one of her guests.

Although she had inherited millions when her mother passed, by the end of her own life there was little money left; just under 80,000 pounds of the formerly staggering Singer fortune.

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