Ever since this middle of the week actor was outed by multiple people for s3xual misconduct, his producer mother has been desperately looking for emotional support in all the wrong places.

She’s been spotted on Twitter confiding in and joining forces with users who both deliberately spread a s3xually explicit deepfake of the show’s A-list lead and openly talked about performing s3x acts on the actor.

How low will this mom go?


Percy Hynes White

His mom: Sherry White
Canadian screenwriter, television producer, director and actress, best known for co-creating and executive-producing the CBC Television comedy-drama series Pretty Hard Cases, and as the writer behind the feature film Maudie

Jenny Ortega

‘Wednesday’ Star Percy Hynes White Responds to Accusations of Sexual Assault by Multiple Women

Wednesday has been renewed for a second season by Netflix, but following some troubling allegations, one of its lead actors may not be returning. Percy Hynes White has been accused of sexual assault in a series of tweets published this week by Twitter user @milkievich. In the thread, she alleges that the actor assaulted her and “multiple” friends of hers when he lived in Toronto between the ages of 17 and 20. The thread spurred many other women to come forward with similar accusations. It does not appear that formal charges have been filed yet, but the allegations against White are deeply disturbing. – Source

Previously revealed blind item:

This young north of the border no name actor is resting easy now that his fans have made him look like the innocent party after a series of very serious sexual assault allegations that go back quite a few years. They completely tore apart the credibility of one of the whistleblowers. But she is far from the only person who has spoken out. Doesn’t matter anyway because our actor had an extended on set fling turned serious relationship with one of his co stars (that pint sized it-girl you all would know) while they were working abroad.

Not only that, but his star actress paramour is now executive producing the popular streaming show and is using her newfound influence to protect her ex-boyfriend’s career. She’s well aware of his pattern of behavior and the evidence of his— ahem —proclivity towards vulnerable and underaged girls. So she’s effectively enabling his abusive tendencies. But does she know he was grooming and propositioning minors while he was still dating her?

Wait until some text and email messages with underage girls start leaking.

Percy Hynes White

Jenny Ortega – Wednesday

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