We already told you that this television actor is bisexual. Today we’re going to provide you with a lot of details behind both his sexuality and his recent public and private relationships. It’s quite a story, so hang on to your slushies! For him, sexuality isn’t about being straight or gay. It’s a continuum, and he picks his partners based on availability and attraction rather than gender. Yes, it’s confusing if you think that people are one way or the other, and that they should be consistent and publicly honest about their preferences. He is just doing whatever he feels like doing on any given day, and hooking up with whomever of whatever gender whenever he wants… while maintaining the veneer of being a straight male. Our actor publicly identifies as straight with a steady girlfriend. He privately identifies as bisexual – but mostly straight with a lot of “experimental” hookups with men. You should never expect him to admit publicly that he is bisexual. His team has him convinced that would hurt his career and that he should only publicly identify as straight, which he does. He wants a big career, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Now let’s dig into the details of some of his recent relationships. We will tell you which are real and which are fake, as well as their current status. The beautiful young TV actress: Real! But his recent hotel encounter with her was just a one-night stand. They are not dating. The older, funny actress: Real! Her relationship with a male musician was ending, and our actor caught her on the rebound. The actress and our actor dated for a while and hooked up a lot, and she really, really liked him. She was genuinely upset when he could not/would not reciprocate by formalizing their relationship publicly, and felt very used and hurt by their relationship. His long-term girlfriend: Fake! They were once genuine friends, but his management team wanted to promote him as a straight member of the cast, so she was set up as his beard. As time went by, everyone began to realize that this arrangement was a really big mistake! The beard got more out of control with drugs and drinking – and more demanding – as time went on. They set her up with a “producer” job, hoping that would pacify her, but it didn’t really work. She is now a complete embarrassment to everyone. His management team is exasperated with her, but she is under contract and has a job, so ditching her would create a bigger mess than keeping her. He doesn’t like being around her, and does not sleep with her, but continues to promote her as his girlfriend for the cameras. She will probably stay under contract until the series ends or the actor leaves the series. Then expect a really fast and quiet dumping. Now for the one you’re really curious about! The male cast member: Complicated! They did hook up a few times… but that was all. They did not date exclusively. They are not dating or hooking up now. We know that this comes as a surprise and disappointment to a lot of the show’s fans who “ship” them as a couple, but they are not a couple, they never were a couple (unless you count a few casual hookups as a real relationship) , and likely never will be a couple. Not only are they not a couple, but things are actually rather tense between the two right now. The other male cast member does not judge our actors’ bisexual lifestyle, but as an out man he does not condone beardy relationships to promote a straight public image. He is annoyed that our actor feels the need to engage in one. You will likely never see the two actors out together at anything other than promotional events. They just don’t hang together, and out guy doesn’t want anything to do with the whole beard fiasco. By the way, the out male cast member has a very steady and very cute boyfriend. So, there you have it! Our actor is a bisexual man who publicly says he’s straight, privately hooks up with both men and women, has a beard, and is definitely not part of a fantasy gay couple that the show’s fans continue to ship.

Our Actor: Darren Criss
Television show: “Glee”
Beautiful young TV actress: Lucy Hale
Older funny actress: Kristen Wiig
Male musician: Fabrizio Moretti
Long-term girlfriend/beard: Mia Swier
Out male cast member: Chris Colfer

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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