This actress is certainly making some interesting fashion choices lately. Well, we know why… She is pregnant! Although she is not showing – and she is not ready to announce yet – we just received confirmation that she definitely is expecting a baby! The announcement is tentatively scheduled for late October/early November as she will have safely cleared the first trimester by then. Being the star of a project with a specific timeline poses an interesting challenge. Will they shoot around the pregnancy and have her character sit behind a desk or carry lots of large objects around? Or will they write a pregnancy into her character’s storyline? And who would the fictional father be? There is more than one choice, although one certain guy would definitely make for a much more interesting story line! As for the real-life daddy… no big scandal there. It’s her Significant Other. Yes, they are both happy about it. And now you can stop wondering why they got married so quietly.

Actress: Kerry Washington
Project: “Scandal”
Project Daddy possibilities: Tony Goldwyn
Her Real-Life SO: Nnamdi Asomugha


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