Most of the time when a show is at its peak is not when it is canceled.

This show was at its peak and viewership was at a high and it could have run for many more years.

The cast all wanted it to run for more years, but the network pulled the plug.

They were scared of the show.

There were too many instances where the network had to put out a fire that would have ruined the image of the show.

There were too many drugs on the set and too much sex and the network didn’t want a scandal.

They just wanted the show to stop filming and to get rid of it as fast as possible. Of course, in their haste they left behind two cast members who were going to turn out just as bad.

While the show was being filmed, guest stars would show up high or know they could get great drugs even though the cast was so young.

There are episodes that cast members don’t even remember shooting because they were so wasted.

The sex was everywhere and the problem for the network was the age of the cast.

Some were above 18 and some were below 18 and parents were always calling and screaming and executives feared everyday there would be some type of statutory rape claim or some lawsuit filed by a parent or extra on the show.

Everyday the show aired the network felt like they were rolling dice.

You had to knock before opening a closed door because inevitably someone would be doing drugs or having sex.

No wonder the cast kept wanting to shoot the show.

One of the bigger drug users and sexually active cast member was given her own show, or close to her own show.

She had producers fooled into thinking she was an innocent cast member and they paired her up with someone who spouted bible verses and producers thought went to church multiple times each week.

Show: “iCarly”
Network: Nickelodeon
Cast member given own show: Jennette McCurdy
Show: “Sam & Cat”
Other cast member: Ariana Grande


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