The marriage of these two gorgeous celebrities is over!

They will have you believe that it’s because they couldn’t make their busy schedules work and that they drifted apart. Ha!

Want to know the real reason? Of course you do! It’s not her.

It’s him.

Yes, she is difficult, and they both have tempers, but there was a bigger issue: he is a chronic cheater.

She actually thought that when they settled down that he would settle down.


He kept right on cheating at pretty much the same pace that he always had!

He really isn’t too selective, either: actresses, singers, models, household staff.

It’s that last one really hurt the wife the most.

The wife may be a great beauty and a talented actress, but her beauty and talent couldn’t hold this marriage together or make him faithful.

She is the one who left him, and we believe that she will be the one to file for divorce. When?

Perhaps even before their child hits a milestone birthday.

There’s one final twist to all this which will surprise you.

She has a male confident with whom she has been sharing much of this turmoil: one of her exes!

Given that her split from him a few years back was nasty and contentious, it’s odd that he is the one upon whom she is leaning during the end of this marriage.

Husband: Oliver Martinez
Wife: Halle Berry
Wife’s Ex: Gabriel Aubry
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez split: report


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