The truth is that she is functionally illiterate.

This singer is writing a screenplay.

So she says. Only… she’s not.

“The truth is that [she] is functionally illiterate.

I don’t think that people realize that about her.

She didn’t graduate from high school, not because she was busy, but because she can’t read or write beyond a second-grade level.

When I receive emails or texts from her, it’s like they were written by a child whose native language is not English. It’s just a jumble of words, some bigger than others (as if she is trying to sound intelligent).

She does not understand the concepts of grammar or spelling or sentence structure.

I sometimes have to ask other people to read the messages and then we piece together what she is trying to say!

The thought of her writing a screenplay is laughable.

I have never even seen her read a book (although she will pose with one for a photo shoot if required).


Not even to [her child/ren].

What she is going to do is lay out the broad strokes of the story and let a ghostwriter handle it.

Of course she’ll take all the credit though!

She wants that Oscar!!!

That’s why she is going to name herself the writer/ producer/star/composer/everything on this project.



Do you believe it?

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