Hermés sees them both as damaging to their brand.

It has been less than two years since the sparkly new Hermés store came to this Housewives town.

One housewife was literally there for the ribbon cutting and the other is there every chance she gets.

Both are in a race for the much coveted Birkin bag.

Oh sure, you see them with Birkins.

But those bags are usually fakes and they are only able to purchase real ones through resellers.

Hermes goes to a great deal of trouble to only sell directly to A listers or very rich bitches that drop thousands of dollars on other merchandise regularly.

In the olden days, those deemed unworthy were perpetually wait listed. These days, the average Jane is simply told they don’t have any in stock.

But when an A lister wanders in, miracles occur and a bag or two is suddenly available.

These two housewives have been frenemies forever and they are desperately trying to get the royal treatment from Hermés before the other.

Sadly, neither one will be making the cut.

Hermés sees them both as damaging to their brand.

At least one of them who haunts every Hermés she passes in whatever town she is in has practically been BANNED from at least one store for her constant begging.

The other is on thin ice at her local store.

Hermés store: Buckhead Atlanta
On thin ice: Kenya Moore
Banned: NeNe Leakes
Real Housewives of Atlanta

Source: http://tamaratattles.com

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