This A- list actor/comic opened up a little too much to the point where it is pretty obvious there was a murder rather than a suicide in the family.

David Spade

About his sister-in-law Kate Spade

David Spade on Kate Spade’s suicide: She ‘wouldn’t have done it, five minutes later’

David Spade spoke candidly about the death of his sister-in-law, fashion designer Kate Spade, who died just over a year ago this past June.

“Katy was so funny,” David, 55, told the New York Times in a piece published Monday. “I don’t know if agoraphobic is the word, but she didn’t like to mingle a lot; she’d have people at her house and she was always so funny.”

“I feel like Katy wouldn’t have done it, five minutes later,” he added. “But these things happen and there’s no going back.”

Kate took her own life on June 5, 2018, in her Park Avenue apartment. She was 55 years old.

Declared a suicide by hanging, her death followed a lengthy battle with anxiety and depression, according to her husband, Andy.

In the interview, Spade also discussed the other sudden deaths he has mourned since his teen years. His stepfather killed himself when David was 15, some of his “close friends” died throughout his high school and college years and his opening act, comic Brody Stevens, died by suicide in February.- Source

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