They have always had one of the more unusual relationships in all of Hollywood. They barely knew each other when they got married and because of certain circumstances they decided to stay together longer than they normally would have. They gave it a shot and it has been a ride. He is an actor. I would say he will probably be a B lister forever. He has that aura about him and he has been around for what seems forever. She is an actress too but will probably be a C lister from now on although she is instantly recognizable when you see her on screen. They both tend to gravitate towards movies but he has never had much luck outside television. He has been very lucky there. Throughout their marriage they had lots of fights. The thing is they never really thought about divorcing even though they spent much of their marriage apart. It was only when his actions got a little out of hand that something needed to be done and even then they delayed and delayed. When he would cheat, which was frequently she often wouldn’t be aware or even care. She has been taking medications to deal with some issues she has been dealing with most of her life but didn’t share with the actor until after they got married. Her first husband couldn’t handle the mood swings and got out. Our actress didn’t mind the cheating and when she was on all the right meds with the right dosages the couple had a pretty good thing going. Not a great thing because he always had one or two other constant women in his life including a former co-star. Over the past few years our actress has become progressively worse and has not worked much and when she has worked they have been smaller parts or parts that needed to be reduced or edited because of her situation. She has kid(s) but it’s rare that she’s allowed to be home alone with them. You won’t ever hear the actor say a bad word about her. He will take care of her forever and has always been a willing participant in covering up her condition and she has been a willing participant in covering up his women and extracurricular sex life.

Téa Leoni/David Duchovny(his sexual addiction) (Gillian Anderson)


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