3 04, 2019

The morning after, our actress went and got his initial tattooed on her wrist.

At the time she was stalking, she wasn't A+ list, but she has been since and each and everyone of you know who she is. There was a time when she met this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and is now settling for one off roles on television. Anyway, our actress was in love with the actor. The actor thought she was interesting and slept with the actress one night. One night.

27 02, 2018

When he is on the road with his band he sleeps with different women all the time

This former A-/B+ list mostly television actor has had two big television hits to his name. One network and one pay cable. He had a nice run on a third, but is not as well remembered for it. He has done some big movies too. He has a long time girlfriend that all of you know about. What you probably don't know is when he is on the road with his band he sleeps with different women all the time and always leaves his girlfriend at home.

22 10, 2017

Yes, he did meet her through his daughter.

This A list mostly television actor has been making hit network and cable shows for a few decades now. During the filming of his fame making reboot he is probably making stans upset by flying in a college student every week for sex. Yes, he did meet her through his daughter. Yes, they are almost the same age.

4 12, 2016

They both see other people.

For those of you original shippers from almost two decades ago, it is not a love/hate thing going on between the stars of the show. It is simply a ploy to get some more money. That being said, I don’t want you all to think the couple is seeing each other exclusively or anything like that. They both see other people. They both have frequent co-star things.

2 05, 2014

She only wants people on her shows that won’t get more attention than her

This former A- list mostly television actress has also been in a lot of movies. She has an unusual name and was married to an A list television actor from two big shows. She hasn't worked in a few years because every time she lands a pilot she screws it all up because she wants final say on casting. She only wants people on her shows that won't get more attention than her. No one wants to work with her.

9 01, 2014

The couple reportedly shared a room

Fans of this Actor and Actress have always wanted to see them together in real life. Well, they are together… but very quietly! Will we ever hear any sort of announcement from them about the status of their relationship? Probably not. They have both always been rather vague about their personal relationships with other people.

2 10, 2013

Like mom like daughter

Like mom like daughter I guess. This C+ list mostly television actress is the offspring of an Academy Award winner/nominee who cheated on her long term significant other. OK, most of her significant others. Her daughter has not been married that long but cheated on her then boyfriend multiple times with co-stars including a six month fling with a former A+ list mostly television actor who is now A- list on his still very hit cable show. Since then our actress has found a long term romance with an actor from a failing comedy in its second season on a network.

11 09, 2013

You won’t ever hear the actor say a bad word about her

They have always had one of the more unusual relationships in all of Hollywood. They barely knew each other when they got married and because of certain circumstances they decided to stay together longer than they normally would have. They gave it a shot and it has been a ride. He is an actor. I would say he will probably be a B lister forever. He has that aura about him and he has been around for what seems forever. She is an actress too but will probably be a C lister from now on although she is instantly recognizable when you see her on screen. They both tend to gravitate towards movies but he has never had much luck outside television.

24 08, 2013

They really are a couple

This photogenic couple did a photo op in the past couple of months that their fans cheered about. They were a fantasy couple to many when they worked on an acting project together, and it was a shipper’s dream come true to see them looking so happy and comfortable together. Well, the fantasy is closer to the truth than many realize! The two actors recently took their families and went on a tropical vacation together.