It seems that this rapper didn’t really care about the escorting work this former stripper/model/reality star did to earn a buck.

What he cared about is that she hooked up with her baby’s father and tried to get pregnant by him.

Savage 21

Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa

21 Savage Gave Amber Rose The Most Savage Response After She Poured Her Heart Out

21 Savage responded to Amber Rose letter in the most savage way.

In the spirit of living up to his name, 21 Savage had only one thing to say to Amber Rose who poured out her heart in a lengthy message on Instagram. The blonde bombshell has since deleted the post but not before it went viral. She is basically making a last-ditch effort to get her ex-boyfriend back while blaming the internet for their breakup.

21 Savage responded saying, “you cross me once it’s f*** you for life.” The Atlanta rapper is clearly not interested in rekindling a relationship with Amber Rose. Whatever caused their breakup must have been pretty serious to the extent he wants nothing to do with her.

Folks on Twitter have been reacting to the 21 Savage response to Amber and it’s clear everyone feels sorry for her. “21 Savage just shitted on Amber Rose after she professed her love on the gram,” one fan wrote while another added. “All Of Amber Rose Exes Look Happier Without Her Wiz Be Looking Happy Af, Kanye Moved On Got Married & Got A Whole Family, 21 Savage Looks Happy ….No One Wants To Settle Down With Sluts No Matter How Much It’s Forced On Us.” – Source

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