The streaming service usually throws out huge numbers for production budgets for easy laundering.

However, in the case of this alliterate foreign born actor and his project, they publicly said they spent a certain amount of money for the travesty, but actually spent about double and was the worst miss of the year for them.


Mike Myers

The Pentaverate

Mike Myers’s ‘The Pentaverate’ Is Not Why Netflix Is Cratering, But It Sure Doesn’t Help

Wow. I mean … Wow. Where to begin? The Pentaverate is Mike Myers’s first major project since 2008’s The Love Guru, and for good reason. It appears Myers learned nothing in the past 14 years, and The Pentaverate is as big a dud as he’s ever made.

But, to be fair, let’s start with all the positives I found in this 6-episode series:

1. The gag where Canada is shot in standard definition while America is in HD is mildly amusing.
2. Reilly (Lydia West) and Patty (Debi Mazar) are great and deserve better material.
3. I’ve now written Pentaverate enough times that I no longer write Pentaverse or Pentatonix by mistake.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. For 3 hours I didn’t laugh once, although the corner of my mouth lifted a few times. Myers’s story of the world’s only all-powerful secret society led by “nice guys” is heavy on prosthetics, bad accents, and shouting, and short on everything else. The Pentaverate are 5 powerful (ie white, old) men who lead an anachronistic organization that rules the world through the secret manipulation of the wealthy and famous. When a Pentaverate member is murdered, as his replacement — a criminally wasted Keegan-Michael Key saving the world from climate change — the remaining members (all played by Myers) must discover the traitor in their midst. Meanwhile, Myers as Canadian reporter Ken Scarborough works for CACA News and in a desperate effort to save his job interviewing people on the street, joins up with a conspiracy theorist (Myers) to expose the Pentaverate, egged on by an Alex Jones clone (also Myers).

Ultimately, Myers’s good intentions don’t matter when chained to so plodding and childish a production. There’s no thrill, no humor, and no life to The Pentaverate. Despite all the shouting and flashing lights, it’s as monotonous as the prolonged beep of a heart monitor hooked to a corpse. It’s at least a decade too late to be relevant and a huge waste of Netflix’s remaining goodwill and capital. Please, for your own sake, allow The Pentaverate to remain as secret as Jimmy Hoffa’s resting place. – Source

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