After some 15 year old remarks came to light, this A list singer/talk show host reached out to the permanent A list “singer” and asked if the “singer” wanted to come on the show and the “singer” had no idea why the singer/host reached out.

There is something going on here.

Kelly Clarkson

Britney Spears

Britney Spears Seemingly CALLS OUT Kelly Clarkson For Resurfaced Comments Following Her 2007 Breakdown!

On Tuesday, the pop star took to her Instagram with a video of herself showing off a new green outfit. But it was the caption where she seemed to drop a bomb — or at least that’s what fans are thinking! While slamming haters for bullying her online over the years, the 40-year-old referenced “Clarkson” — making it seem like she was lumping the talk show host in with the other trolls. And the Britney Army thinks they know exactly why!

Condemning bullies, the singer wrote:

“‘I don’t forget’ … don’t you just wish she would say she’s kidding ??? Clarkson … in a world where bullying has been heartbreaking, I’ve had my share …. Can we get an AWW ??? Psss … I’m not kidding … play on friends, play on !!!”- Source

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