Even with final edit approval, the A list everything in her mind celebrity didn’t bother to watch the documentary starring her prior to its release which is why it shows her to be just an awful person.

Jennifer Lopez


5 things we learned from the Jennifer Lopez Netflix documentary ‘Halftime’

1. Lopez was frustrated about splitting the Super Bowl show

And while Lopez was honored to perform on a national stage with Shakira, behind the scenes she was also frustrated about the time constraints on the performance.

During one scene, Shakira and Lopez chat about the Super Bowl on the phone: Lopez tells Shakira, “If it was going to be a double headliner, they should have given us 20 minutes. That’s what they should’ve f—— done.”

2. Seeing images of kids in cages at the border motivated Lopez to get more political

3. Lopez considered quitting Hollywood amid scrutiny, jokes at her expense

4. Lopez strives to ‘be better in every way’

5. Lopez said it took her a long time to “find” her way in the industry.

She said after her divorce with Marc Anthony, the father of her children, she took a lot of time to reflect on her career.

“As an artist, I kind of lost a little bit of who I was in trying to kind of build a perfect life, a family life,” she said. “And when my kids were 3… I got divorced. I was a single mom with two little kids, at 42…movie roles were not knocking down my door. As I was getting back to work I really felt like I didn’t know what my value was anymore.” – Source

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