Reader Blind Item

This 1950’s rocker whose career was almost completely derailed by scandal early on has been accused in print of murdering one of his wives.

The truth is he actually killed two of his wives but the authorities in the rural area he lives in are too in his pocket to do anything.

Jerry Lee Lewis

Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate – 5th wife: drowned in a swimming pool

Shawn Stephens – 4th wife: died of an overdose

The Strange and Mysterious Death of Mrs. Jerry Lee Lewis

The killer was in his bedroom, behind the door of iron bars, as Sonny Daniels, the first ambulance man, moved down the long hall to the guest bedroom to check the report: “Unconscious party at the Jerry Lee Lewis residence.”

Lottie Jackson, the housekeeper, showed Sonny into a spotless room: Gauzy drapes filtered the noonday light; there was nothing on the tables, no clothes strewn about, no dust; just a body on the bed, turned away slightly toward the wall, with the covers drawn up to the neck. Sonny probed with his big, blunt fingers at a slender wrist: it was cold. “It’s Miz Lewis,” Lottie said. “I came in . . . I couldn’t wake her up . . . ” Sonny already had the covers back, his thick hand on the woman’s neck where the carotid pulse should be: The neck retained its body warmth, but no pulse. Now he bent his pink moon-face with its sandy fuzz of first beard over her pale lips: no breath. He checked the eyes. “Her eyes were all dilated. That’s an automatic sign that her brain has done died completely.” – Read more here

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