You may notice some weird tension between two actors who are out promoting a project together. Well, we’re going to tell you the story about exactly why one absolutely hates the other! These two good-looking male actors have some mutual friends. So when they started working on a project together, they became close rather quickly. Unfortunately, a lot of their time together centered around doing drugs. The Younger Actor had been using coke, pot and ecstasy for years. However, his intake of coke dramatically increased when he began to party with the Older Actor. Along with many other Hollywood types, the two attended SXSW, an annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Texas earlier this year. Younger was there to promote a film he had completed before his project with Older started, but he met up with Older to do some serious partying. Older scored cocaine for both of them from a dealer he knew. The dealer asked Older why he needed triple the regular score. Older told him that it was because he was partying with Younger, and that Younger’s appetite for the white powder had gotten huge. Dealers usually keep their buyers’ secrets. Unfortunately for Younger, Older’s dealer did not. One of the dealer’s industry friends ended up calling Younger’s management team about Younger’s cocaine abuse and how bad it had gotten. Some members of the management team then intervened and confronted Younger. Younger was furious! Not with himself, for becoming an addict. Not with his team, for calling him on the carpet about his addiction and telling him to get help. Not with the drug dealer, who blabbed about his problem. No, he was furious with Older! Yes, Younger is now blaming Older for everything. For his drug problem, for ruining his reputation, and for the trouble in which he now finds himself. It’s all Older’s fault! Younger spoke directly to Older only one more time after this happened. It was to scream in his face, “Fuck you! You ruined my entire fucking life!” No punches were thrown, but those who witnessed the exchange were shaken by the complete hatred exhibited by the usually mild-mannered Younger Actor. The tension between the two actors is bad. It’s gotten so bad, in fact, that Younger refuses to even speak to Older. This is making things very awkward, as the two actors are supposed to be promoting their project together. The project is premiering very soon. During various promotion events, the very paranoid Younger refuses to sit or stand next to Older, avoids having his picture taken with him, and he refrains from even mentioning Older’s name in interviews (which is difficult considering they are costars). The promotion for the project will be over soon, but the resentment will live on. Younger swears that he will never, ever forgive Older for ruining his “entire fucking life”.

Younger Actor: Zac Efron
Older Actor: Dennis Quaid
Project: “At Any Price”


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