This celebrity couple swears that they are not looking to sell off their homebase for tens of millions of dollars. The house is not being advertised, and it’s not listed on an MLS (Multiple Listing Service). So, they’re telling the truth, right? Nope. They’re lying! The couple has signed an “Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement”, which means that they are, in fact, trying to sell their home. But It’s a “pocket listing”. Their agreement states that the property shall not be placed in an MLS, and thus there is no agreement to work cooperatively with other brokers. The reasons for a pocket listing may vary, but typically include sellers with a need for privacy or secrecy. This type of listing is not uncommon for celebrities or people with very expensive homes to sell. So, yes, they are lying about selling off part of their real estate portfolio. We’re not surprised about the couple lying about this. They are lying about a lot of things… including the state of their marriage. Don’t expect any announcements until next year, though!

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith


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