12 10, 2021

All must be forgiven

All must be forgiven because the long time male lover of this closeted A+ list mostly movie actor is back hanging out with the family after a messy couple of years.

29 09, 2021

Not for one second.

The actor, while visiting a Harry Potter store out of the country took pics with every member of the staff of the store. He did so while his girlfriend never actually stopped touching him during any point of the visit. Not for one second.

3 08, 2021

Don’t you have enough money?

Let me tell you a story. There is an actor who at his peak was probably A- list. He started a foundation to help people buy homes who had always been renters. Does he make money? No. Does he want to make money? No. He was featured on a very very popular HGTV show and they got a ton of donations. Apparently though, when this permanent A list mostly movie actor and permanent A list rapper saw it, their first thought was they could make money off it and use the whole thing as an investment scheme. Don't you have enough money?

12 01, 2021

Soon to be divorced actor/singer is spilling the good tea right now.

In the past few weeks I wrote about this one named singer/actor who needs rehab. That being said, the soon to be divorced actor/singer is spilling the good tea right now. It won't be long before we know every thing that happened on his trips to the yachting HQ with the mogul/wannabe rapper and the A+ list mostly movie actor.

13 11, 2020

Starting a new school.

This A+ list athlete is starting a new school. Could someone please tell him that his current plan to follow the model of the A list acting family's school, would be a really bad idea.

22 09, 2020

Publicity stunt

The momager got involved in a publicity stunt with the celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister and also brought in the acting couple because they need some positive spinning right now.

22 08, 2020

He ignored all kinds of safety precautions

This permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor didn't believe COVID was real which is why he ignored all kinds of safety precautions. He didn't make his production team sign a waiver while filming so will probably be sued for millions of dollars by the people exposed to the virus.

31 07, 2020

They are facing questions

The A list couple with the open marriage is facing some questions from investigators about some things that happened inside and outside the walls of their learning institution.

3 05, 2020

Is he going to be sued?

The only question is whether this former tweener actor turned drug addict will be sued while he is in rehab or if the A+/A list mostly movie actor make the former tweener recant.