23 10, 2021

She is just going from one abuser to another.

In her latest relationship, this east coast Housewife is just going from one abuser to another. I give it no more than another year before everything that made dozens of women hate him, also opens up the eyes of the Housewife.

20 10, 2021

3 blinds in a row

It is unclear if the Housewife was also molested as a youth. / His long time intimate relationship with this current momager. / Apparently whenever he would go on tour, he would try and fly back and see her before going on to his next tour date.

21 06, 2021

Guess Who Wants To Slither Back? Hoping your new glorified waitressing job works out.

I mean. Who knew the world was such a cold, hard place where everything is not just given to people with an eighth grade education? If only she had a decent agent or entertainment lawyer or any sort of any kind of reputation. Insults and assaults are not really a hot commodity anymore. What else do you have? When all of your representation drops you after you have been fired. You really think you can come back with one of those attorneys who stands on a moving 18 wheeler to attract accident victims?

24 05, 2021

The Time Has Come: it is only a matter of time before they end up in federal prison again

Remember that couple I told you about where one of them was in jail after hiding lots of money in a bank in Ghana? Well, I’m quite sure that if you just so happened to be invited to the 6th inauguration of the Ugandan "president" you would probably go with your man. And he would probably feel like it was finally time to transfer some of his ill gotten gains into a more accessible bank account. I predict it is only a matter of time before the former reality show personality and/or her boo end up in federal prison again.

7 01, 2021

She knew her significant other was messy.

I don't feel sorry for the DC Housewife. She knew her significant other was messy. Now, in addition to all of his other girlfriends, she also has to live with the knowledge he hooked up with the alliterate former Housewife from another city.