30 03, 2022

The money is actually due to some Vegas guys

The husband of this east coast Housewife has a big loan payment due at the end of the month. This is not the kind of payment you want to miss. The crazy thing is that these not nice people are not from the east coast. Those guys won't lend money to the husband any longer. The money is actually due to some Vegas guys who were introduced to the husband through an introduction made by this west coast Housewife who is mobbed up.

20 02, 2022

She is delusional.

This east coast Housewife was telling people seated next to her a NYFW show that her store is one of the biggest buyers of clothes. Huh? She is delusional.

31 12, 2021

She had to pay for her own Christmas present

This east coast Housewife is trying really hard to make it seem like her awful significant other is a nice guy. Such a nice guy that she had to pay for her own Christmas present but then say he did. I bet he bought his girlfriend a present.

24 12, 2021

She is being cheated on

Speaking of reality stars from the same channel as #2, this NJ Housewife is being cheated on by her significant other and it is not Melissa, although, I mean come on. Lol.v

19 09, 2021

The replica bags are priced at $300+ not $3000+ and look perfect on camera.

Name the north east coast housewife who is trying to sell us on her ‘glam’ lifestyle by buying many of her trendy Fendi and Dior handbags from a consignment reseller who is knowingly sourcing them from a woman who bills her bags as ‘AAA, 1:1, first-quality replicas.’ The replica bags are priced at $300+ not $3000+ and look perfect on camera. A Housewife husband from the same state also buys bags from the reseller to give to his mistresses.

31 05, 2021

Not Hooked On Phonics: Everyone was very uncomfortable as said RSP could not read the assigned passage aloud.

I debated doing this blind item because it comes from a friend of a friend based on a comment someone made somewhere that someone posted on Instagram. Not generally the kind of source I post about. But, I. Believe. Every. Word.  And this should be an easy one to guess. So, as the story goes, this reality show participant (RSP going forward) decided to take a short course in how to do something he/she wanted to do. So RSP went to the training course and made a few very strange demands considering the circumstance. RSP complained about the temperature of the room, when the temperature of the room was very important to what was being taught. Despite the signage about what the topic was, RSP seem dumbfounded.