The husband of this east coast Housewife has a big loan payment due at the end of the month.

This is not the kind of payment you want to miss.

The crazy thing is that these not nice people are not from the east coast.

Those guys won’t lend money to the husband any longer.

The money is actually due to some Vegas guys who were introduced to the husband through an introduction made by this west coast Housewife who is mobbed up.

Joe Gorga

Melissa Gorga

Real Housewives of New Jersey

RHONJ’s Joe Gorga accused of ‘house flipping’ errors on Instagram

Real Housewives of New Jersey husband Joe Gorga is all over social media after he was accused by Page Six of using other people’s “house flip” pictures for his real estate business.

The real estate developer has often posted ‘house flip’ before-and-after pics during the past two years. However, fans have been left wondering what’s going on after Page Six claimed it had uncovered errors in Gorga’s Instagram posts.

What is ‘house flipping’ and what are the allegations?

Joe often posts stunning pictures of properties he has flipped or had design involvement in. House flipping is when a real estate investor buys houses and sells them for profit. For a house to be considered a ‘flip’, it must be bought with the intention to quickly resell.

Page Six put its investigation hat on and alleged there were errors in some of Gorga’s posts.

On January 11th, Joe posted a photo of a modern and stylish kitchen he captioned: “Another flip. This house sold for 759,000.00 #growwithgorga.”

However, Page Six alleges the same image was posted on Design Depot’s Instagram more than four years ago. It says the image was taken by photographer Nadav Havakook and Page Six spoke to him about the photo. Havakook told the publication:

[Joe] definitely did not have permission to use my images. The photoshoot was for my client Design Depot.Nadav Havakook, Page Six


President of the company responds

Page Six also spoke to Ethan Levy, president of Design Depot. Let’s just say he wasn’t too impressed by the revelation.

Levy claimed Gorga had nothing to do with the project, including any part of the construction or design process. Levy told Page Six:

I personally designed that kitchen myself and everything else in the house for one of our clients – who is a developer – and he sold that house for, I believe, $1.5 million, so there’s no way that house sold for $759,000.
Ethan Levy, Page Six – Source

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