The east coast boyfriend of a Housewife now has the fed sniffing around his “businesses.”

Luis Ruelas

Teresa Guidice

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice Snaps Over Luis Ruelas Rumors, Accuses People of Trying to ‘Sabotage’ Relationship

Margaret Josephs guessed Teresa Giudice would have a “f—ing freakout” when she learned they were talking about her boyfriend Luis Ruelas behind her back … and boy was she right.

On Tuesday’s new episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” the cast went on a group trip to the Jersey Shore, where some of the women spoke about news reports and social media gossip popping up involving T’s man.

On the drive down, Margaret once again brought up the “weird” video of Luis and a group of male friends shirtless at a so-called “warrior camp,” before mentioning rumors claiming his own family thought he was “bad news” and a “horrible dude.”

“Let’s not forget that weird video, right? And s— came out about him again today. It’s all over social media,” she said. “People said his family doesn’t like him. They also said that eventually, it’s going to come out he does illegal things and that he could serve jail time.”

Later in the show, the husbands were seen talking about him too, with Joe Benigno adding, “sometimes when there’s that much smoke, there’s gotta be some fire.”

Teresa has tried to shut down any conversations about Luis’ past in previous episodes and did so again after getting a call from Ruelas as he made his way to the house on the Shore. He told T he had to get outta there, before telling her to turn off her mic. Viewers didn’t hear the rest of the call.

“Teresa just texted me,” Melissa Gorga revealed after Teresa got off with Luis. She claimed Giudice told her, “Do not say a word, do the right thing, back up my boyfriend.”

“You know what that means? She’s going to have a f—ing freakout,” guessed Josephs, sensing what was to come. “She must realize that everyone’s talking and she basically just told us all, you better shut up,” added Gorga in a confessional.

The episode ended with Teresa going up to a producer and asking her, “What happened with Louie?”

“I want to talk to you about it, like, we talked to him in the parking lot and he’s all upset. Did he talk to you about it?” the producer replied. “I think he feels like everyone is talking about him and he wants to know why.”

“I told him not to come around if he feels like that,” Teresa said, before explaining her stance in a confessional. “Luis did not sign up for this, to be antagonized, to be questioned. I’m in the public eye, not Luis. He’s the love of my life, I want to protect him.”

“Here’s the thing, the story’s out there,” the producer told Teresa, who shouted she didn’t “want to discuss it.” As she stormed out of the house she added, “They’re not happy for us, they wanna sabotage us. I’m leaving! Swear to god, you guys are the devil.”

She then turned around to production and shouted, “Why are you still filming?! Go f— yourselves!” before getting into her car and driving off. The episode ended with a “To Be Continued” slate. – Source

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