11 02, 2018

The government would supply him with upwards of 20 women for a three or four day trip and he loved it.

This triumvirate of celebrity all have a certain thing in common. Well, they did have one thing in common. A love of a South American country. Apparently that love does not extend to now because the person who was in charge is no longer in power. So, their response has been silence. In the past they were all about supporting the regime. No one really could ever understand it.

18 02, 2017

I’ll never un-see those images

A former aide to a big-name fashion model told The New York Post, “I was expected to do everything for [my boss]. She thought nothing of calling me at 3 a.m. — I was given two phones so I would never be unreachable — to ask me to come over and let her dog out to pee.”

2 06, 2014

That was the easiest of her demands

This A+ list model who also has a reality show was recently on a television show and came out late because she wanted the entire backstage to herself while she got ready. That was the easiest of her demands.